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Work on the 2nd Yurt
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Your Hosts, Yurts & the Area End           
Sue Maurice has lived in the Seward area and South central Alaska for 38 years. 
Her husband Greg has commercially fished the waters of Alaska for 39 years.  We are listed in the Milepost,
Alaska Lodging Directory and with the Seward Chamber of Commerce.  Our season goes from May 1st through September 30th
Sue Maurice Greg Maurice
Sue - your Hostess Greg - her fisherman husband
19 hours of daylite - everything grows BIG Yes, limit is 6/person - Sue fished too
Typical Alaskan garden - rhubarb thrives, cabbage is gigantic The catch...  dinner's almost served
 Sue & Greg at work on the second yurt Top   -   End    
Sourdough Sue's first yurt was completed in the spring of 2007, she & Greg are now working on the completion of the
second yurt for the spring of 2008.  The 24' yurts are set in a separate one acre area, with beautiful spruce trees and a large open yard.
The platform's ready - now the real work starts The snow's easy to move, wind drifts are a pain
The platform's up The platform, our first yurt & serious snow removal equipment
The basic yurt design came from the Mongols The modern touches: rafters, windows & door
 Team work gets the lattice frame up Sue aligns the rafters for Greg
Space-age insulation & outer cover makes this job easier All the comforts of home
Insulation layer is on, outer covering takes more team work How they look - summer 2008 - Added a 30' yurt - summer 2012
Some reasons for living 'out here' Top   -   End   
We're surrounded by scenery, trails to hike, lakes to explore, fresh air & at times the local wildlife meander through
Swans, cranes, geese & ducks drop in during their Spring & Fall Migration The perfect spot for the yurts
Fall migration - swans on Bear Lake The setting for the yurts
Winter lingers on up there Mid-summer the glacier ice reflects shades of blue
Snow even in the summer One of our many glaciers
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